Industry Connections Activities

Industry Connection for Neurotechnology Technologies for Brain-Machine Interfacing

The goal of this program is to bring together diverse stakeholders across neuro-technologies, research institutions, industry and government agencies to identify and address gaps in the existing standards for Brain-Machine Interfacing (BMI)/Brain Computer Interface (BCI) based solutions.
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Industry Connections Activity Initiation Document (ICAID): IC17-007

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Industry Connection on Supply Chain & Trials Standardized Technology and Implementation

IEEE is one of few organizations seeking to address the issue of security and authenticity of the food and drug supply through interoperability of data systems. The scope of this ICAID encompasses work streams that touch upon multiple facets of patient and consumer safety and supply chain and clinical trials optimization.
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Industry Connection on Consumer Healthcare Alliance

A community of global industry and academic leaders dedicated to improving consumers’ health with innovations in healthcare electronics.
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