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A Path Towards Early-Stage Funding and Nanotechnology Commercialization (AM)

Half-Day Workshop: Tuesday, July 17, 2018. 8:30-12:30pm
Location: Hawaii Convention Center
Room: TBD

Organizer: Esmaiel Jabbari, Vince Siu

The invited presentations in this session highlight recent advances and challenges in commercialization of nano/biomedical technologies and devices from innovation to protection of intellectual property, fund raising mechanisms for product research and development, regulatory process for technical and clinical evaluation of nano/biotechnologies, and business models for commercialization of nano/biomedical devices.

This symposium covers fundamental concepts in commercialization of medical devices as well as the development and commercialization of novel nanomaterials and nanomedicine for applications in pharmaceutical industry and regenerative medicine.

Intended Audience: This commercialization workshop is tailored for faculty, postdocs and senior graduate students to help take their ideas from conception to commercialization.

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Developing Open Standards Facilitates Technology Commercialization

Special Session: Wednesday, July 18, 2018. 8:00-9:30am

Meeting Room 304AB
Chair: Carole C. Carey
Co-Chair: Esteban J Pino

Rapid changes in medical technology and innovation in medical devices require a general guidance to ensure their usefulness to benefit public health as well as improved quality of life. The need for standardization is evident in order to produce quality, safe, reliable products as well as low costs. IEEE Standards Association participants drive the development of IEEE international standards in an open environment. The purpose of this special session is to present the work of current initiatives and engage people to collaborate or propose new areas where standards are needed.

  • Jose Contreras-Vidal, University of Houston
  • Esmaiel Jabbari, University of South Carolina
  • Yu Zhu, Huawei Technologies
  • Young Lae Moon, Chosun University
  • Colleen Lee, US FDA CDRH
  • Esteban Pino, University of Concepcion

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Technical Committee Evening Workshop Segment (BHI, TEHI, TST, Standards)

Special Session: Wednesday July 18, 2018. 17:15-19:00pm

Meeting Room 328

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Minisymposia: “Cuffless Unobtrusive Blood Pressure Measurement: From Sensing, Mechanism, Algorithm to Standardization”

Minisymposium: Thursday, July 19, 2018. 08:00-09:30am
Meeting Room 322AB
Co-Chairs: Xiaorong Ding and Carole C. Carey

Raised blood pressure (BP) is the leading global risk factor for cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease; it affects more than 40% adults worldwide, and this number keeps increasing due to population growth and aging. Continuous BP monitoring in an unobtrusive manner, compared with conventional cuff-based measurement, is expected to enhance the awareness, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and control of hypertension.

In this mini-symposium, we will bring experts in cuffless BP research to present comprehensive studies, covering from novel flexible sensing approach, new findings of the underlying physiological mechanism, artificial intelligence (AI) enabled modeling, to the development of standard for unobtrusive continuous BP monitoring. After the presentation, there will be an in-depth panel discussion on future directions of these technologies for practical application.

  • Alberto Avolio, Macquarie University, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  • Toshiyo Tamura, Osaka Electro-Communication University
  • Yuka Maeda, University of Tsukuba

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