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IEEE-NIH 2016 Special Topics Conference on Healthcare Innovations & Point-of-Care Technologies Mexico, November 9-11, 2016


“Moving Discoveries from the Bench to Product Realization in the Marketplace: Standards and Regulatory Considerations”

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The intersection of engineering, health and medicine with rapidly evolving new technologies in wireless communications, sensors, “smart” devices and so on have further stimulated cutting edge product development, entrepreneurship, and commercialization of innovative medical devices. Specific areas of interest include imaging, biomaterials, Nano applications, neuroprosthetics, brain-computer interface and many others. The cross-functional collaborations drive innovations and clinical solutions that have foreseeable impact in commercial healthcare products globally. For society to benefit from the breakthroughs in biomedical engineering and enabling technologies, they must be translated into practical clinical applications in the form of devices, drugs or other products. Converting these discoveries, however, can be very challenging — issues such as safety, manufacturability, cost, patients’ acceptance, protection, licensing, and marketing.

This session will bring together professionals who will share case studies and translational engineering experience from idea creation to commercialization. The panel will also discuss the role of standards and provide an understanding of the medical devices premarket regulatory requirements, as the legal gateway to commercialization in the U.S. marketplace.

DATE: November 10, 2016 (Thursday)
TIME: 11:00-12:00PM

Click here for this announcement as a PDF and for the presenter biographies.


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