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IEEE-SA Standards Projects in Medical 3D Printed & Virtual Reality Models

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Standards Committee (EMB/Stds Com)

Call for Participation

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) invites your participation in the working group for the following IEEE P3333.2™ standards projects:

Why Get Involved:

The goal of these standards is to define medical-specific 3D printed and virtual reality model applications for clinical diagnosis and practice based on real human information, and approach new frameworks for 3D medical application established on visualization, data management, simulation and 3D printing.

Who Should Participate:

  • Manufacturers of 3D devices including 3D display and HMD systems
  • Medical 3D model developers
  • Software programmers for 3D volume imaging
  • Medical device developers and manufacturers
  • Healthcare data managers
  • Medical researchers
  • Technical experts
  • Clinical practitioners
  • Additive manufacturing companies
  • Other parties that have a material interest in developing these standards

How to Participate:

If you would like to join the IEEE P3333.2™ Working Group, please contact the Program Manager, Kathryn Bennett. Please include your name, email address and employer in your response.

Kick-Off Meeting Information:

Date: 1 July 2017
Time: (UTC+2): 04:00pm – 06:00pm Czech time (2 hours)
Venue: Co-Located with the MedTRain 3D Modsim Transnational Meeting – Biomedical Center, Charles University
Faculty of Medicine, Liberty Avenue 1655/76, 323 00 Pilzen (Northern Suburbs), Czech Republic

Web conferencing will also be available.

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Sponsor: CES/SC – Consumer Electronics Society – Standards Committee
Co-Sponsor: EMB/Stds Com – IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society – Standards Committee

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE­-SA) invites your participation in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Working Group.

Why get involved:

Work together with industry stakeholders to shape the Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technology roadmap, facilitate the development of cross-­platform content and services, and promote a healthy growth of the VR/AR/MR industry. Standards development within this Working Group will include:

Who should participate:

We invite device manufacturers, application developers, content providers, service providers, technology developers, government agencies, and end users that are relevant to VR, AR, and MR technologies to participate.

How to Participate

If you wish to participate, please contact the IEEE Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Working Group Chair, Yu Yuan.

IEEE Health Informatics/Medical Device Communication Standards Collection: VuSpec

IEEE Health Informatics/Medical Device Communication Standards Collection: VuSpec

Enabling safe, high-quality health care delivery, IEEE Health Informatics- Medical Devices Communication Standards provide the interconnection and interoperation of medical devices with computerized healthcare information systems in a way that is suitable for a clinical environment.

This collection includes 31 active standards that are grouped into three categories, these standards support:

  • Semantic interoperability, which focuses on terminologies, data models, and data sets for specific device modalities, such as, ventilators, patient vital signs monitors and infusion pumps.
  • Application interoperability, which identifies a set of general services that can be used by all systems to discover, configure, and exchange data across a connection, and
  • Lower layer transport technologies.

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