EMB Standards Committee (EMB-SC)

The EMB Standards Committee (EMB-SC), also known as EMB/StdsCom, is a standing Committee within the EMB Society and recommends standards of engineering practices to be followed in the field of Engineering in Medicine and Biology by the electrical, electronic, and allied industries, and by health care providers. In relevant areas this Committee shall coordinate its activities with the IEEE Standards Board and other appropriate standards committees.

This Committee is responsible for the development and coordination of standards projects, including their maintenance after their approval as standards by the IEEE Standards Association Standards Board (IEEE-SASB) for which EMB-SC has been identified or assigned as either the sole technical sponsor or the primary sponsor to oversee its standards Working Groups. (An IEEE-SA Sponsor is not a financial sponsor.) The scope and activities of the Committee shall conform to the operations and principles of the IEEE, IEEE-SA, and IEEE EMBS.

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